#DonorLove : Make time for this

loveqWe value our donors We appreciate our donors We LOVE our donors? I have to tell you that in my travels on several sides of the fundraising world, working in charities and serving donors as a advisor – they are NOT feeling the love. plateIt’s certainly not that charities and fundraisers don’t want to show them love but it’s hard to keep the plates spinning and the shop working and still create magic moments for donors. As a career fundraiser I know that it’s hard for those who run large conferences because they need to manage hundreds of people and credit worthy curriculum. But sometimes you need to do something different. The people who have put this together are a crazy bunch – they are creative, passionate, fearless and so many of them are my personal inspiration in work and in life. Also, they have raised a lot of money and are fundraising experts who I have seen create these magic moments for donors and charities.  Look at the list of speakers, instigators and organizers – many of them are NOT from the city, province or even Canada. This is an AMAZING line up of people in an inspirational non-conferency space. It’s going to be weird, we’re going to interact ( like, physically moveword about the room ) and going to hear from actual donors. The word LOVE is overused. But you’ll leave this event filled with love, for your donors, your work, your life, your profession and you’ll actually have strategy and tools from proven experts to do something about it. My congrats to the team who has put this together. My only frustration is that it’s in 2016! This is like a big movie trailer with huge stars and a big blockbuster plot and a far away release… The pain of waiting…well don’t wait too long because if you register TODAY, you’ll pay 1/2 the price! Another pretty considerate idea from the organizers. Below is how all the people involved in this event make me feel – let them make you feel this way too. Join us in Toronto on May 11 2016 for #DonorLove ! jump