Presentation Zen Design – Garr Reynolds

Confession 1: Even though I work in an “office” with four walls, wear a suit and tie, push paper – I think visual design is the sexiest part of business communication and I resent that I suck at it.

As such this book was an indulgence, a pleasure to read, the perfect companion to a high end coffee at 7am or a glass of wine at 10pm.

So many reads these days are friggin textbooks and it’s just exhausting!!! Thank you Garr R.

But Paul, I’m not a designer…this book is “for those of us not trained as professional designers…we know what we like but lack the visual literacy to articulate” and tweak our own stuff!

SO MUCH $$ VALUE HERE. Excellent use of your time if you use Powerpoint.

Confession 2: I have been a total typography nerd since high school. I can name 150 fonts, I am viciously loyal to 4 and can tell you at what age I made something by the typeface I used. Don’t you judge me!!!

FINALLY a book that tells you what font to use for what type of presentation and WHY in two pages.

FINALLY someone who explains what jpeg, gif, tiff, png is and why it matters when using them in any format ( print, presentation and web ).

So many tips here on the use of text, graphics and other resources when printing.

As a Powerpoint addict who dreams of actually using it well
– this is the best read of 2011 so far.

Oh,also, a quick note from Golden Crab 2010 winner Promod Sharma on free visuals

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