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Thank you Tsufit

Successful author of “Step Into the Spotlight” posted a LinkedIn update about Tony Robbin’s new show “Breakthrough“.

I wouldn’t have caught it if not for her. I recorded and watched it today.

For those of you who cringe at the name “Tony Robbins”, with his giant blinding white baby-seal sized teeth, his gravelly voice and patronizing-feel-good platitudes. Stop reading. Now.

No judgment, it’s not your thing. I get it.

I tried years ago to get into Tony’s books and tapes.

It didn’t stick and mostly made me feel fake.

Then a couple years ago it was simply “my time to hear his message”. The audio book “live with passion” did it for me. It helped me with actual tools to cope with daily challenges at work and at home. It was real and practical.

It empowered me to embrace challenge and clearly see it as a growth opportunity by teaching me how to project the reward and the reason I was struggling in the first place.

Today, I watched this show with great scepticism but excitement too.

This was a story about a couple who had experienced bizarre tragedy on their wedding night of all times. No joke. Dream wedding in Mexico, as the reception finishes he jumps into the pool, hits his head and is instantly paralysed.

Yes it’s dramatic and some might say taking advantage of a tough situation but watch it for yourself. Their issues are larger versions of the ones so many of us face every day. It was moving and uplifting.

A confession. I have a marriage rant. Romantic movies leave you at the point-of -proposal and end there with an arrogant pronouncement of “happily ever after”. There are no movies about living daily life. No one will make a movie called “washing dishes. again”, “mortgage interrupted” or “desperate housewives – who are pretty much ok but have a ton of work to do and it’s 5pm and dinner isn’t ready yet and another load of laundry – for real?!”. Thank goodness, for mentors, community members, parents and frankly, shows like this.

Back to breakthrough. I’m not going to lie, there was a LOT of crying.

I really freaked out my dog too.

As soon as the show finished I took those tools and did some things for my wife right then and there. Tony gave me the tools, reminded me of some I had put in place recently when I read a cheesy titled but very good book on how to FIND the motivation to do dumb daily but critical tasks at work and home without complaint, resentment or the regular barriers holding you back: procrastination, laziness, fatigue, entitlement.

But as much as this has helped me improve my personal life this blog is mostly about improving your business life.

I mentioned a person named “Tsufit“. Her book “Step Into the Spotlight” sounds like some narcissistic ego amplifier. It is certainly not.

Here is a quick quote from my original review: This book should be titled, “tips for real human beings who work in client service, want to stand out and not be phony”. It is the sharpest book I’ve ever read on being your best professional self, heck it’s helped me to be “on” much less and to be more “real” without fear.

It is a networking must read for anyone with customers, donors or clients to serve and connect with. For anyone who believes relationships are critical but struggles to stand out because of situation or self.

Connecting and keeping in touch with Tsufit through her site and LinkedIn is constantly a learning opportunity.

I don’t like crying. But a little raw emotion is cleansing and empowering. This show made my spirit soar and do something for my family and myself – instantly.

There are physical therapy coaches for the injured, fitness coaches for the wealthy, psychiatrists for those diagnosed with the need but for the rest of us – the potential zombied nation. We need something to help, we need tools, ideas from outside ourselves.

All the above books are reviewed on my LinkedIn book list.

Thank you Tony.

A very special thank you Tsufit.

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  1. Thank you for the thank you Paul. (Isn't there a Hallmark card for that?) A good cry is healthy once in a while and if it means you'll fix the broken hinges on the IKEA cabinet your wife has been bugging you to do for years, (oops, that's me…) it's all good.

    As for the Robbins cringing, it's easy to make a caricature out of him. I've done it myself. But I just listened to 25 CDs of his in a row while driving, and I gotta say, he's pretty good at observing behavior and giving perspective. (The 2 "subliminal" music cds I could do without.)

    Thanks for your kind words re the book.

    Author, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

    PS Jay Conrad Levinson has a new book out which might interest you– Guerrilla Marketing for Non Profits.

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