I am thankful for you!

We all get soft, take up residence in a comfy place.

I’ve recently been gearing up, 2 years for a move.
From this comfy place to…. I don’t know what.

One of my favorite bands writes the lyric
“She’s like a baby, I’m like a cat
when we are happy, we both get fat”
in a song entitled “never enough”.

There are those for whom it’s never enough.
I convinced myself that “those people want stuff”
A mentor recently helped me to see that good things can kill you too.
I was in Vancouver this past weekend.
Groomsmen in the wedding of a good friend.
Had a full day to walk and think.

Sorry, I can’t say enough about this book.
Just check it out if you are someone who fights for change.
Ask yourself if even good things can have a trace of poison.
Like apple or cherry seeds in large amounts.

It was Vancouver, so of course it was raining.
I don’t know why, but I had loaded my mp3 player with very thoughtful songs from this band from my youth.

On this day in a Starbucks ( don’t ask which one, there is one every 500 meters in Vancity ) I had a great conversation with a resident of the city of “change”.

A peer taking a risk. It was exhilarating.
Easy to forget the vitality of authenticity.

It’s Canadian thanksgiving.
I’m thankful this year for those who share with me so I can learn. As they discover and rediscover the power of being poor, starting over, taking professional risks, the value of money, of the little things, realizing how we allow so many distractions to keep us away from what’s important.

What we want Vs. What we need
If you haven’t seen Brewster’s Millions. See it soon.

Flat-screen wanting, ipad chasing, car loving, foodies, artsies – zombies.
*ahem* no judgment. I’m speaking about me, not you.

Thank you to those who help me learn, stay focused, push forward and be better.
Thank you to those who help me focus on what’s important, and slow down.

I hope there is someone out there
for whom I am this person.

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