Who gets your vote Toronto?

Here’s my deal, my personal opinion:
Democracy is a contact sport.

It’s never pretty. But. You got to pay to play.

Sometimes you’re the guy standing, sometimes, the guy on the floor ( or woman ).

Life is risk, getting out of bed is risk.

You can’t complain if you’re not in the game.

So, every election I vote in. I volunteer.

For a candidate or if I’m on the fence, for the elections body.

This time. I can’t sit it out.

My candidate was always Rocco Rossi in my heart. He just never came through. Today Rocco released me, and stepped down.

Look at this guy.
Read the now hundreds of articles.

I’ve met him, listened to him, been to debates, watched and listened to dozens.

I don’t care about his past indiscretions. He’s human and his honesty about himself is indeed refreshing. But what about those thoughts and beliefs?

He’s everything I fear in humanity.

He says exactly what we’re all thinking.

In our bigoted, racist, truly elitist, car-loving, planet-killing, hateful hearts.
I’m talking about me, not you.

I can’t go there, won’t go there.

Georgie, I’ve put on the purple tie. Let’s go.

Anyone care to come along?

Dear network, I will always respect your decision.
But I can’t respect no decision.

Ten days Toronto. Let’s do it.

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