A Moment of Silence on November 11

For Canadians, today is a powerful and important day.

Today we Remember.

I would love to hear your stories of Remembrance – here’s mine.

It’s no secret, UofT is in my blood

– I bleed blue and white.

When I was a student at the University of Toronto I visited the Soldiers’ Tower, Canada’s second largest war memorial each November 11.

My first year I went up to the “memorial room“, the University of Toronto’s museum of Remembrance. There was a panoramic picture from the Great War, of students who were going to war, all lined up on front campus. They looked no different than me. I realized then the only difference between us was when we were born.

When I worked for the University I got connected to the Soldiers’ Tower Committee who stewards the Tower. I can’t tell you the real life stories of Veterans I learned. It’s not the ones that died, it’s the ones that returned home and never really lived a normal life.

If you know my personal motto ( to learn from the wisdom of others ) I have learned much from the members of this team being their youngest non-military member.

Each year since 2004 I take the day off and help run the UofT Remembrance Day events.

I have no doubt that you’ll join me today in a moment of silence at 11am.

Here are a couple shots of a memorial the engineers put together a couple years ago.

It was truly thoughtful and respectful, with the actual names of the alumni on each cross.

I am an arts student – so I truly feel that engineers are a dirty filthy bunch of purple turds with inflated ego’s and no social skills.

And if turds can respect and remember….

Can’t we all?

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