I hate pins

I hate pins

Yes everyone uses them
Yes, they are the charity
and community standard

I still hate ’em.

But even I can’t ignore the pride when worn
the loyalty and brands they help build
the recognition they represent

Pins are powerful.

Soon, I will have to make some myself for work. But not today.
Today a peer of mine needed help and asked me for contacts. I know none.So, as always, I put out a call to the network for referrals!

I love doing this, let’s see who has made an impression on their customers!

Here’s what came back in 48 hours.

Every referral came with the testimonial of good price, on time and top quality.

Jeffrey Allan & Associates Inc.

Trevor Webster: 1.866.841.4560

Tammy Todorwich, Presidential Environment Inc.
416-960-6317 ext. 221

Awards Canada

Katika Integrated Communications Inc.
Andrew: 905.949.1020

Rideau Recognition Solutions ( Make the Order of Canada pin! )
Chris Adams: 1 (877) 789-0449 Ext. 404

And then there’s Brenda.

Brenda is the vendor. My network contact sent my email to her.
Not only did Brenda email me, she called to follow up within one hour.
Good on my network contact, good on Brenda.

If I was quoting a job today, there’s no question who would get the first quote.

Brenda MacDonald
PresidentCoyle & Greer
1-800-265-7083 Ext. 233

Thanks network!

I still hate pins.

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