Help! I need to become more boring

Some people enjoy being a host.
For me, it’s in my blood.

A big reason I left home at a very early age is that my mother is a very good cook and I needed my own kitchen to experiment.

I am afflicted with a rare disorder called I.G.S. : Italian Grandmother Syndrome
Which means if you come over you’ll eat too much but leave very happy.

I hosted a friday night bbq dinner party for two years straight. And I loved it.

With a team of 200, we fed 5000 homeless a year out of our Church Hall at a Toronto “Out of the Cold” site. I ended my duties as lead coordinator, head chef so to speak.

If I didn’t have to “work” for a living, this is what I’d do.

Life has changed in a wonderful way since then.

Marriage. Cat. Dog. Baby.

Which means, meals now…look like this.

So instead of packing up all my entertaining stuff…I hope to build successors to my host-with-the-most legacy

Are you a young person who hosts others at your dwelling?

Can I give you serving trays, special utensils etc..?
I have some $200 bar stools that I want to find a good home
Futon for the guest room or to add seating space etc..

If you’re in my network and want to rock 2011 – please make contact
paulnazareth at

With your help, I’ll become the Cosby sweater wearing, bad joke making, minivan driving, spending all hours at home boring loving Dad I need to be!

Thanks for the help.

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