Steven Page is a hero – Paul deals with divorce

We all have that band

Their music walks with us when we were young
and then every day since then

every powerful moment
every painful moment
every moment of joy

For me, that band was the Barenaked Ladies.

Their first ever release on the yellow tape in 1991 ( when I was in grade nine ) was the first indie cassette to go platinum in Canada. Their album Gordon was a major hit and they have been closer to me than my family ever since.

I have every album and know every lyric

Then, in July of 2008 – Steven Page was arrested and it was the beginning of the end.

Now, I can’t help how I feel ok so please don’t think that I’m trivializing this very important subject…..but I kind of felt like my parents got divorced.

Do I go with my troubled hip Dad who strikes out on his own? Or stay with the family who is trying to keep the same old same old afloat?

I’m not smart enough to judge so I just said that this part of my life was over and I washed my hands of both of them.

But I never really understood what Steven went through, how could I? I have touched mental health in my life as the leader of a Toronto food for homeless program for five years and volunteer for seven. But I still don’t “get it”.

This week Steven had the impossible GUTS to host the “mental health” special with CBC. A series of shows discussing the issue from the inside out and even a call in show.

So maybe my petty little healing with the music I love can take place. But either way, today my hat goes off to you Steven Page, man that took guts.

The shows were so personal and powerful. You did this country a service by helping us get one step closer to understanding.

I highly recommend a listen.

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