Your digital legacy?

A fascinating mind in the world of philanthropic gift planning, Malcolm Burrows, has a very cool job.

His insight and experience caused him to make a powerful note at a speaking engagement last month when he was talking about the state and future of “legacy planning”.

He mused on the concept of a digital will and executor.
Wonderfully enough he wrote about it recently in this really educational blog collective he’s a member of. He also mentioned this new book.

I had heard of the concept a little while back when I tripped over this quirky little powerpoint and this really great interview on CBC’s digital wonderland, Spark.

A very cool but important planning thought.
I made my quick digi-will last night. How ’bout you?

Think about it – or watch this 2 minute video.

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  1. Hi Paul – I am pleased to see that this issue is making its way to discussions in the estate planning market. I've been researching and speaking about digital legacy issues in Canada and the US for the last 2-years, and I'm pleased to see that you have made your digital will. Thanks for posting such a great round up of links as well.

    Adele McAlear
    Death and Digital

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