Fascinate – Sally Hogshead

This is a book for those who like to understand the “reasons behind influence”.

Not to be trite but it’s a fascinating book.

Bible-thumpers beware, please try to see past overuse of the words “lust”, “vice” and the other deadly sins.

The author is doing nothing more than connecting our lizard brains to the current reasonable thought process.

This is a book that is going to help you do what you do better.

Sorry to be crass but …..It’s going to make you money.

Great example, I’ve read before that people can “hear your smile” on the phone.

I just have never read about the science behind it. Very useful for interpersonal communication.

See the author’s online fascination test to find your strength-based fascination factors!

A nice bonus, it’s a 2010 release so it actually integrates our social media add society into the mix.

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