How to become a Rainmaker

This is not a fetish thing.
But sometimes…I like to get slapped in the face.

When admin piles up on me, when people are debating useless facts and the concept of reality.
When meetings waste my time..
A whack in the head clears things up real well…

The author knows that rainmakers are also road warriors.
I listened to this 2 disc set on the road during an afternoon/evening set of meetings in 4 cities. And boy was it a useful way to spend my drive!

Here’s why it will be worth your time:

First off, I appreciate Jeff ( can I call you Jeff? ) that you included “fundraisers” in the rainmaker category. Clients / donors are interchangeable in this book so no excuses you nonprofit types!

I have been in the business of “client service”, “sales / fund raising” for over a decade. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at prospecting and “the visit”.

So much here I took for granted or never really thought about!

Loved his 40 second tip on how to GET the meeting.
Something that so many sales people are forced to learn on their own.
Learn how to book more meetings.

Shocked me to the core with what seat you should take for a business meeting.
The best seat?! I’ve literally been doing it wrong the whole time.
Learn why you need to take that seat.

Coffee can kill a sales call?!?! Say it ain’t so Jeff!

Finally a great rant on lunch meetings I can share with young professionals I teach.
They need to hear it from a hard nosed sales guy – you are not there to eat lunch!!!
20 tips on how to close more business over food.

This is gold: How to turn objections….into client objectives.
And let them teach you how to sell them.
5 tips on how to turn a flaming car wreck of a meeting around!

I know you expect this to be slimy sales talk but he really nails it with authenticity
….”for rainmakers…Manners matter”.

Do you recognize your client/donor’s “buy” signals?
You will now.

Why breaking the ice can kill your client meeting.
I have been in meetings where small talk derailed the only shot at the sale/gift.

The whole damn book is worth this one item:
How to ROCK and RULE voicemail?! 14 steps, I do 5 at best.
If I do even 2 more it will help me do better for my clients/donors.

Ugh. I listened to a chapter called “park at the back” right after I had parked right in front of the front window. Everything he said, I had JUST done. That was a nice feeling.

I’m with you Jeff. The breakkie meeting beats all.
10 reasons why breakfast will make you more money.

He calls man of his questions the “killer sales questions”
but the final one. Yes, it is the killerest of them all.
I’m damn good at what I do and I never knew how to use this question well.
I’ll know now!

There was a ruthless VP I knew who used to say,
the number one client rep is only number one because of the numbers. Period.
Don’t talk to me about anything else than what you’ve got in hand.
And I really loved that. This book is in this spirit. Do or do not, there is no try.

There are books that are professional development
There are books that help you close better
There are books that make you CASH MONEY.

This book is behind door number 3.

Home run Jeff.

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