The New Leader’s 100 Day Action Plan

Do you care about your career?
Do you invest in your future?
Do you know where you want to go but don’t know how?

This book is a must read.

The book is separated into three mindsets:

1) Find your ideal your strengths, your goals

2) BEFORE you get the job, what to do

3) What to do as SOON as you get the job to succeed

Here’s a snapshot of the plan – obviously you need the book to get the most out of it:

This book is NEVER vague.
There is a road map and worksheet for every step of the way.

The “due diligence” on a company, department and employer before you apply for a job is the best section I’ve ever read on this subject.

There are also some powerful insights and tips about moving up inside a company.

I love that this book NEVER denies real humanity. Something “job hunt” and “management” books always do.

It recognizes that people are curious, nervous and protect themselves – it’s not sneaky to communicate with your employees – it’s honest reality.

I love their concept of the “fuzzy front end” that time when you start a job in the first couple weeks. Brilliant advice here, the best start plan (that includes tips on your home life ) I’ve ever seen in print.

Even tips on how to set up your office depending on your position.

For job seekers, in a post internet world this book has a communications plan with that critical pre-job networking stage.

There is an entire section on “day one” strategy.

This is also a great book for board members/ board chairs. Tips in here for you too, how to vet a board, the staff, what to do on day one, week one, month one.

I like that this book references Clifton/Buckingham “Strength Finder 2.0” and the “stregths-based” leadership series. I’m a big fan.

A WHACK of downloadable customizable tools! Free!

Leadership, your own personal success is never as easy as pressing a button or reading a book. It takes strategy first, hard word second. You can do number two alone, for number one go out and buy this book today. You will not regret it.

Until then, I leave you to “Imagine” with a short thoughtful video by Xplan and Nitin Nohria about leadership – where do you fit in?!

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