The Buying Brain – A.K. Pradeep

Every time a book on intelligence, leadership or marketing starts talking about the brain things get very boring and textbookish.

This, is the BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ on the marketing language of the brain.

You want to talk value? For a science-kind of book each chapter starts with these words: “At the end of this chapter you’ll know and be able to use the following” followed by three bullets.

They go into complex topics in bit size bits, the writing is understandable, punchy and well edited to NOT be boring.

The book breaks down the brain by:
– Geography
– The senses
– Gender and gender roles
– Engagement with habit
– Engagement with product

I particularly liked the chapters on the empathic brain, the mommy brain ( finally a book that doesn’t assume all women are mommy’s ) and the fantastic explanation of “Mirror Neurons” ( monkey see…)

You’ll learn about how
– Your consumer thinks about your product
– Engages it in store to complete purchase
– Engages it online to complete purchase
– How to move people from “fans” to “advocates” in a social media world

This is a recent publish so chapters like “how to rock the aisle” may be classic but “the world of one screen” that is based on smartphones and tablets is new world thinking that is high-value right now.

A deeper read, it was overdue at the library when I returned it. Worth it.”

Will leave you with some thoughts below…if you’re looking for a more marketing lighter insight into “why we buy” without all the brain-talk – the book “Buy-ology” linked above is always talked about alongside this book

AND… if you’re curious about “Buy-ology” above too….

This book was a fantastic Audio listen on my commute

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