Heroes in our Midst

A recent post by a leader in my sector
Kimberley MacKenzie who manages a non-profit
highlighted the superheros in her team
I loved it, and it stuck in my head…

I just returned today from watching
Captain America – I’m a long time comic book fan so it was fun.
But it got me thinking about two people
one I know, another I read about today in the Globe
they should be referred to as Captain India & Captain Kenya

Captain Kenya, along with his countrymen are world class athletes but they work day jobs to make ends Linkmeet and they have left behind families that they love

Captain India is a peer of mine,
an experienced banker
Who came here to try and make a better life
for his family but they are not here,
and he works so hard out of love for them
his love, often moves to me to prayers, and tears

These men, work, do their best
they don’t party, go to cottages, bbq’s or golf
they work and sleep with singular focus

Today in Canada is a holiday.
I spent this day with my wife and son
who I love almost with desperation
I spent much of the day thinking about these two Captains
their courage and love
I admire and respect them so much

Like so many superhero’s with great power
they cannot help the ones they love
but this is real life and we can help

I’ll fight until I die for my contact
I hope someone steps up and help the Kenyans
If you have a hero like this in your life
Let me know, we should help them together
We should be their Captain Canada!

(*Apologies to my female readers for the sexist post
I know their wives work just as hard in harder conditions
to care for the children back in their home countries.
I value and respect them too. But I only know the dudes.
I hope to meet those families soon. )

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