45 seconds and not a second more

Business Networking International is not just an inspiration because they’re great at networking, are focused on actual revenue but I love their motto:
Givers Gain.

Today I visited a super-chapter in Toronto
hosted by my networking superhero Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory

They have an exercise that I adore. 
It reminds me how shabby my networking is. 
A 45 second introduction.Sounds easy right?

My tips for what to include in your 45 seconds:
– Who you are, name of your company
– What you do, 20 seconds MAX!
– What your ideal client referral looks like
– What problem you solve, how you can help others- A story of what good business looks like for you
– Humour
– Close with repetition of who you are, company name

Some used iphone stopwatches, most didn’t.

Get working on yours, practice it daily.
BNI is the Ninja training of networking
This is the Wushu school of business

For anyone in business, consider joining your local
It will make you money
It will change your life


2 Replies to “45 seconds and not a second more”

  1. Paul – it was a pleasure having you at our meeting. The entire group has benefited as a result. We hope you made some meaningful connections with our group too.


  2. Great post, Paul! You showed a true display of Givers Gain. I know the group was impressed with you and hope we cross paths again soon, intentionally or otherwise!

    – Stephen

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