Social Media Breakfast

Anyone who knows me know that networking
is my oxygen and LinkedIn is my lungs

Special thanks to James Howe and the “Social Media Breakfast” Waterloo team for bringing me
out to KW to share my passion for LinkedIn

I promised the presentation ( slideshare) and links to all those who attended. But before I go into those my three thoughts to sum up the entire presentation:

1) In 2012, get your personal profile in order! Optimized for your goal be it job search, career development, general networking or to help others. Here are my tips and the big resource I shared that day

2) Get your company profile taken to the next level. I cited ” Johnnie Walker’s LinkedIn Page ” and campaign as an example of a company page gone right. Get yours in order today

3) Social Media, besides LinkedIn is going to be the way business is done in the next decade. The dirty one seat to the left is “push business marketing” the one way we did business for the past many years. I love this seat on the Toronto subway, it’s the ONLY private seat with no one touching or bothering me – it’s about control. Enter the NEW subway, open, interactive all the way through. This is web 2.0, the NEXT way to communicate. It represents a loss of control but greater opportunity to connect and do business. You have NO choice – start experimenting in this space today, or soon you’ll be left looking for a seat!

So! Links promised:

Books mentioned that help us think HOW to communicate in a Web 2.0 way:
The Power of Pull

Books on LinkedIn:
Best! New LinkeIn log
– Short and snappy, “I’m on LinkedIn, Now What”
– Most instructive, 2011 Update “LinkedIn for dummies”

Social Media Experts in Non-Profit to follow/connect with:
– Agents of Good
Stephen Thomas – Best LinkedIn company page
Good Works

Digital Social Media Conference for Non-Profits 2012

Innovative charity example: Small Change Fund
Kitchener connection
YouTube channel
LinkedIn page

LinkedIn instructional video on Groups

Ethically Influencing – Jill Donohue

LinkedIn customizing company: LinkedIn Developers

Book on turnkey sales solutions, “The Best Service is No Service”

Special thanks to the team for uploading the presentation on YouTube! Follow along with the powerpoint – It’s an hour, feel free to skim, even I can’t listen to myself for that long…

Paul Nazareth

Ps. That resource, the LinkedIn log is an amazing way for those who don’t get linkedin to engage it. It’s only $10 online so get it and make 2012 the year get your digital self together!

2 Replies to “Social Media Breakfast”

  1. Thanks for your tips and resources, Paul.

    I recently made the biggest change to my LinkedIn since 2009. It's now in first person instead of third person. It's also more personal.

    Bland is boring. A key purpose of a profile is to polarize visitors (attract or repel). That's what the new profile is intended to do.

    PS Since we're judged by the company we keep, I've started to LinkOut by breaking links with some connections. Pruning leaves a healthier network,

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