A lesson at the Opera

A confession.
I was an English Literature major in University
I am a classically trained Violinist
I am a published poet
But I’m not really Mr. Culture. 
My closest friends know me as the guy who hates pants ( if it was socially acceptable to wear shorts 24/7, I would )
So, when my beloved Globe published this article:
I was offended …but secretly feared they were right. My hyper-connectedness is something I relish with delight, the speed in which I can now find, ingest and share information can be consuming.
So! Off to the Opera I went. Thank goodness a friend guided me and sent to me the Canadian Opera Company’s upcoming run of Semele. “If you’re going to try out Opera, this is the one to start with”.
I’m not going to lie, the first hour was hell. 
I WAS twitching, itching and aching. It reminded me of the first time I tried to really meditatively pray to (my personal) God.It was uncomfortable, but in the end, equally healthy for my body and soul.
Now, again, I’m no culturatti – but why didn’t anyone tell me Opera could be cool, edgy, funny, racy, raunchy and outright fun?
This particular production is a special treat.
Here we have a hundred year old Opera, given new flavour by fascinating artist Zhang Huan.
I had JUST read about everything he is doing in Toronto … I’m looking forward to visiting his AGO Exhibit
Check out the cool 450 year old stage he rebuilt and yes, there IS fighting Sumo wrestlers….
So, have you been wondering about the Opera? A beautiful new home, clear subtitles ( this one is in English ) and always great stories make it worth trying out.
To me, Opera is to art what Classical is to music.
I love movies, I go a lot.
But Lou Bega’s 5th Mambo is no Mozart’s 9th symphony.
As much as I love LinkedIn and Twitter, they help me to express thoughts…we need more mediums that help us to make space to reflect and think.I certainly walked out of this production, in a thoughtful mood.
Thanks as always Globe and Mail and the Canadian Opera Company!


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