Remembering to Remember : November 11

PaulTower As Canadian treasure Rick Mercer says in the great video below he felt like a “holier than thou tool” when he reminded someone about Remembrance Day. Not my intention to guilt or preach with this post. It’s something that means a lot to me, as I’ve been on the Soldiers’ Tower Committee at UofT for the better part of a decade. I’m lucky to be one of the only non-military, non-Veteran, non-older members. Why? Me personally, I’m the child of immigrants to Canada. It is a home that has given my family prosperity, peace and joy. When I was at UofT and wandered into Canada’s 2nd largest war memorial and saw the pictures of students like me who went to war to protect the country I enjoy – there was an instant connection. This wonderful group of peers took me in, allowed me to contribute and has taught me so much about the real story of sacrifice and the history of world war. And so each year now, I take the day off to join my fellow team mates as we coordinate the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the University of Toronto. To reflect and remember in my own personal way. Many ceremonies will happen today, some will happen on Sunday. Wpoppyherever you are like Rick below, I just encourage you to join me to remember to Remember. Many thanks to the new Canadian Veterans in my network, the soldiers and reservists who protect us today, tomorrow and beyond. Paul

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