Networking at CAGP 2013 Conference

hiltongatineauGift Planners from across the country will soon assemble in Canada’s beautiful capital region for our 20th Anniversary conference!! Many of the country’s best and brightest will soon…..wander the streets and eat dinner alone?!?! keith Every year it happens, to newbies and veterans of the profession. You fly in and don’t know who’s in town and end up eating dinner alone the first night when you could be casually getting to know peers do some REAL relationship building – not the stuff done on breaks and over loud lunches at circular tables….. I’m teaming up again with fellow CAGP super-fan, Christina Attard to host not one but TWO networking events. Tuesday April 16 – I’m excited to be co-teaching the CAGP All-In-A-Day Course with the awesome Jill Nelson and the class will be full of great ideas to share with you! We’ll meet in the hotel lobby between 6 and 6:30pm and leave for dinner from there. Not sure where we’ll go, we’ll play it by ear. No RSVP, bring anyone you like ( these are NOT official events so spouses and non-delegates are welcome! Ottawa fundraisers, I’m talking to you! )2013OttawaTwitterTeam. Come late even! Ask for us at the concierge or..tweet us – Are you following the CAGP Twitter team?
@UinvitedU ( that’s me )
@GPTekkie ( that’s Christina ) are team members. The second event? Friday April 19th in the afternoon, touch base or tweet us for details as it forms….last year we had a couple dozen folks come out and it wasn’t just fun, it was on the job 31CoverFinal.inddvaluable learning!

Bottom line is, we came to connect and learn – why not have some fun too! The conference theme is after all: Creating Capital Connections ~ so let’s connect!!! Here’s a fascinating article to start the conversation – an article about the psyche of many fundraisers I know… whether you’re a type-a networking machine or an ambiverted professional you’ll meet someone who does what you do and can help you do it better – that’s why we come to this thing right?Twitter RIGHT?! Heck yes. See you there, Paul Nazareth  Print

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