Does the suit make the man?

Working for charities for more than a decade and having a family means that every dollar I spend on something, could have been donated to good causes or spent making my kids happy. Also, being a man, I hate the anxiety of clothes shopping.tomsplace So I ruthlessly put together a budget, a small one. And make just two purchases for the whole year. Yes. Two. The first, I rely on the advice, teaching and good value of my guys, Tom and Tom Jr. in Toronto’s Kensington Market for suits. I never go over budget, I always walk away feeling more confident. PonderosaThe second, I research all year ( thus my pinterest board ) and take ONE road trip to purchase all accessories. The man road-trip I call it, pocket-squares and ponderosa steaks – I get all I need for less than most guys spend on one suit, and a $9 steak for dinner. This year, I took a couple buddies of mine. One who was self-admittedly brand obsessed. Hugo Boss, Hugo Boss is all I heard the whole day. We argued and argued, a discussion I have often with other young up and coming men about brand Vs. value. On one side, is the idea that you can buy class. That a Hugo Boss suit ( which are exquisite no question ) makes anyone look successful.  On the other, I believe that with research and creativity even on a budget, you can look as good as you want to and have the confidence you desire. 2013suitsIn the end, I came back spending less and having more than my friend’s couple items purchased from dear Hugo. The suit and tie is still the prison-uniform of the business sector, but if the warden lets you choose what to wear, why not have a little fun yes? Life is short, express yourself.cheapvsexpensive So to those young men, the up and coming, if you want to look good on a budget watch these video’s, take a look at this board, series of articles, get this app, style is part of your success – no matter where you find yourself in this debate, get on it. You don’t want to be shabby suit guy on the left, right? If you’re on Twitter, here’s a list to follow. I leave you with one of the leaders of Canadian menstyle, Melissa of GotStyle! Thanks for reading, weight in on the debate below! blog    Paul

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