PocketStyle : It’s not business, it’s just personal

So the time has come to share.PocketBanner Let me clear up front, I’m sharing this with you because you’re part of my network and NOT because I want you to buy something. Frankly, it’s because you dear network that this all started in the first place. It’s no secret, I love pocket squares. But I’m often asked, WHY?! Underlying it all, it comes down to three things:

  1. I’d like to bring back the idea of a civil gentleman
  2. In a suit since 19, I am tired of “the uniform” look
  3. As a networking enthusiast, this is about walking my talk. Being well groomed says you care about details

But there was three barriers to raising my style game:

  1. Working on a nonprofit/fundraising salary means I can’t shop at C-Suite retailers (who I respect and adore; Harry Rosen, Brooks Brothers are the Titans of men’s style and new players like GotStyle and events like the Gentlman’s Expo are rewriting Canadian style for men)  but the average price is $30 and some as high as $150!
  2. Canadians aren’t really into pocket squares, there isn’t a lot of affordable selection in Canada
  3. I didn’t have the confidence

In the past several years Tom and his son at Tom’s Place in Kensington Market have helped me dress better on a budget. They took the time to teach me so much about dressing well. Tom Jr. has even come out to speak at my networking events about dressing for success – I’m eternally grateful to both Toms! I’ve also discovered some retailers who sell cheaper squares so I go on an annual road trip once a year to buy all my work clothes. But – my own network was pushing me to do something entrepreneurial that focused on my personal passion and not my work in philanthropy. pic4I’ve been mentoring and helping several young men in my network to raise their style game for career and confidence. But they too can’t afford the $30, $60 and $100+ price on what is ( let’s be honest here ) a napkin with no table. So as Seth Godin, a personal business hero says. If you care about art that no one else is making, ship it. Not really for profit, but for the sake of making something you’re passionate about a reality. Right at this time having another baby my wonderful wife took some time off (to have said baby ) MADE me a square for our anniversary. After some number crunching I realized we could pick out the designs make them at a cost that would be affordable and cover our costs. I know, many peers of mine have given me a lecture about not making big profit but I’ve been blessed withposter-image-3---5-x-7 one of the coolest jobs in Canada working with people I respect and admire. This is something that is 90% my wife’s and I’m just the conduit for. We’ve been quietly selling them in Toronto thanks to the fine folks at LEN4ALL in the trendy Danforth East area. Stop in any time to browse and pick up other cool locally made stuff! But it’s time for me to share. Especially with Father’s Day coming up! So if you’re interested in knowing more:

For my personal network I’m discounting our usual 2 for $29, 3 for $39 and 5 for $59 price and will meet you in person to drop them off. Feel free to drop me a line. I’ll also be hosting a pop-up shop really soon too! In the end what I really want to do is thank you dear network. gpocketFor constantly pushing me, inspiring me, pulling me towards my dreams.     With great gratitude,                       Paul

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