What does “U invited U” mean?

I’m seeking – warriors of light.

When I seek people out, make time for them and especially when I run events
people often say to me “thanks for including me” or “thanks for inviting me”.

I respond every time. “You’re welcome – but I didn’t invite you”.

YOU invited YOU“.

Here’s how I vet invitations to my events.
I have an excel spreadsheet of all my LinkedIn and offline contacts. About 1000 people.

They’re already sorted by level of connection and affiliations. But all start on the same footing.

Then. I let them fight it out.
Who have I witnessed being inhuman to another this past year?
Who fights for results?
Who fights for themself and invests in themselves with out ego?
Who am I a little afraid of because they’re more passionate than me?
Who teaches others daily?
Who learns from others daily no matter what their social standing?
Who sees beyond title? Empowers beyond title?
Who invests in my industry?
Who builds professionals with courage and patience?
Who has invested in me in the past quarter?
Who is going to rock the boat, our boat….my boat and rock it for the right reasons?

I know. I’m a bigot.
But it’s my party and I’ll demand excellence if I want to.

So when I contact you. When I connect you. When I invite you.
It means that you were on the list of 1000 and you made it through the gauntlet.
You’re part of this month’s surviving 50.

It means you are ruthlessly awesome.

Don’t be too smug though, the list changes every month. People don’t make it through because they get soft, others because it’s not their time to be sharp. Heck, pretty often my own name (yes it’s on the list) is eliminated.

I am growing what I call “the army of the passionate” so that together we can change the sector for the better. Not just to raise more dollars, or help more people but so there’s actual justice INSIDE the halls of the charity too. Let’s not pretend we’re anywhere near that now.

We’re all biased. This is my personal bias.

U invited U – Make sense now?

One Reply to “What does “U invited U” mean?”

  1. Thanks for explaining your process, Paul. I didn't understand it before.

    Setting your own high standards is fine. That shows abundance thinking with a focus on quality.

    You're quite rigorous if you'll put yourself in the penalty box!

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