Feed your 5%. Be the best in the world

It’s late.

Just got home from a 14 hour day. Spent some time with some negative folks today.
Checked my email – digital rejuvenation.

Want to share two items. Hope they help.

1) Evan Carmichael. This guy is a beast.

Someone sent me this list of his favorite inspirational business videos. Loved it.

He has a killer website about the best entrepreneurs of all time.

A great feature in “Telus talks business” and my marketing idol Seth Godin even blogged about a cool idea of his – entrepreneur trading cards!

What I’m saying is. The guy’s a beast.

Look at these two freaks of nature. Focused like human laser beams.

What will it take to get you here? How can I help?

2) Author and University instructor on corporate communications, Elaine Stirling kindly sent me something I wrote to her months ago.
It was like me slapping me in the mouth.

“…we are the ones that invite ourselves to the table of success. Only we can allow ourselves to accept abundance and give ourselves permission to step up and claim our own personal greatness. We generally tread water at 50% of life, excel at 45% but there is that 5% where we’re great,maybe the greatest on earth. I want to feed resources to my own 5% and help others find their passion and resources for their strengths as well! ”

Without my network. I would have gone to bed, exhausted and beaten.
Now, I’m going to bed ready to wake up and punch the next day in the face!What’s your network done for you lately? Does it tear you down or build you up.Let’s work together to build you a network that helps you be your best.In the mean time.
Thanks team.

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