Problem with speaking, Paul’s secret singing

Not that anyone thought I was a manly man –

But it’s not easy to say this.

I like … musicals. I see you smirking!!

It was the disney stuff that put me to sleep.
It was Rocky Horror that woke me up.

In University my girlfriend ( now wife ) exposed me to the original “RENT” and the obligatory anniversary visit to “Mamma Mia”

BUT! It wasn’t until the movies came out that I really connected.
I will not enter into a debate about how bad Pierce Brosnan sings. He is James Bond.

This past week I drove a few hundred kilometres to speak to some professional colleagues in Peterborough and I went through my pre-speaking ritual of singing my way there in the car.
Calms my speaker-nerves.

Jerry Seinfeld quoted the true statistic that on a top five list of fears, death was number five and public speaking was number one. Resulting in the quip – “Most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy!”

And it reminded me of someone I wanted you to meet.

Could you speak to this audience? Be that little dot on stage?

Everyone knows that one foreign professional who is more than qualified for a job – but just can’t get over speaking issues or cultural issues to land one.

Enter Bonnie Gross and Speech Science. Secret to several of Canada’s MBA Schools and many corporate clients.

Some not so corporate like preachers and teachers too.

I met her that fateful evening on my visit to Verity (a Toronto Women’s Executive Network ) and was so happy to finally find someone I could connect these people with.

I met her again to make sure she was of the passionate, kind and empowering school I subscribe to -she sure was.

So! If you meet one of these international superstars who could use a little help, connect them with Bonnie.

If you aren’t sure if you like musicals or not the incredibly clever and fun “Wicked” is in Toronto right now.

It is a virtually guaranteed fun night out.

Less painful on dudes than MM and Rent too.

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