Saving souls!

When I think soul – I think James Brown

The “hardest working man in show business”
as he used to call himself.

My profession overlaps with estate planning. Many people don’t know that the hardest working man in show business wasn’t buried for months because of a terrible battle over his estate.

James worked hard, sadly, not smart.

As you wind up your year – are you thinking smart about 2011?

Does your board sometimes look like this?

There’s a book to save their and your soul.

A national article was done on it recently ( link )

Charity Village’s national eteam called it one of the “top five reads to revitalize 2011”

Sounds like you and I should both read it eh.

I’ve got my hands on one. How ’bout you?

Several strategic leaders I know will be touching base with the publisher because they have organized a bulk purchase deal if you want all your board members to have one.

I checked it out, it’s a good deal. ( speak with Jim or Leanne ).

Work like James. Think like Peter.

I hope to rock 2011, would love your help and ideas!

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