This is how I feel about you

Sorry to gush dear network,

Today, three people reminded me that life is to be lived.

One continues to survive managerial abuse
the is now on the other side of second lung cancer
the last sees the beauty in life after living through Auschwitz.

So many in my network are warriors for powerful causes
– and they undervalue themselves.

I have a face to face meeting with a stranger or network contact three or four days a week outside of work. We are connected on LinkedIn and other networks.

You tell me your stories…

THIS is how you make me feel ( focus on that crecendo before the chorus )

Those kids are the causes my network fights for!!

But who fights for you. I know you’re facing challenges.

My gift is that I see your power when you can’t.
Let’s amplify what is working.
Wrap our fists in your awesomeness and together punch fate in the mouth.

Thank you for sharing your challenges, letting me fight alongside you.

For inspiring me each and every day.

Thursday night some of us are going to meet and try to change the world.

Wish us luck.

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