Twittervenger or Twitternoyance?

Two connected profiles.
One too weak, one too active….

I do spend a good deal of time on LinkedIn.
Make no mistake, it pays me dividends in work and life.
It’s the Facebook of business.

But a select few were hogging my update page.
With good and interesting information – but too much.
Then there are the um. other posts.
The ones meant for Facebook [ I crinkle my nose at that word ]

A week ago a peer of mine confessed to me ……
“You post too much on LinkedIn, it’s annoying”
Me?!?!? But then I realized that I was caught between worlds.

Too much on LinkedIN…not engaged enough on Twitter.

Just because you can link them, doesn’t mean you should. Got it.

So three steps here….

1) I’m going to “hide” the updates of those who post too much on linkedin. Yes, I’ll miss their useful updates but when you swear or post too much about your day or dinner – I’m out

2) I’ve partially disconnected my two accounts. Good for you LinkedIn, they have a new feature where you can still post but in a modified way.

3) I am going to commit to learning how to use Twitter. Found out that I’ve missed a few opportunities because I didn’t know. I just don’t want to end up like this guy.

So, I’m going to learn from the jedi masters in my business network who put out useful information….
The Agents of Good
Scott Fornum
Claire Kerr
Paula Attfield at Stephen Thomas
Jenny Henry
Kimberley MacKenzie

Thanks for teaching me how to do it right!

Just one confession to be clear.
I started using LinkedIn a lot more when we had a baby and I was home a lot more.
I’m using Twitter a lot more because I finally got a smartphone
So THAT’s how I’ll manage the time. Waiting for the bus!

Now my profiles will hopefully look and be more like this

One Reply to “Twittervenger or Twitternoyance?”

  1. I'm more concerned about the quality of updates than the quantity.

    A handful of connections
    – posted continual self-promotional updates
    – kept repeating the same update
    – were routinely sloppy (e.g., broken links, spelling errors)

    Maybe the offenders have changed. I wouldn't know because I disconnected from them. Since we're judged by the company we keep, it's important for us to judge the company we keep.

    PS For posting updates to multiple sites, try What I put on LinkedIn automatically goes to Twitter. What goes through goes to Twitter, possibly Facebook and possibly LinkedIn.

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