The Anatomy of Peace

Originally read May 2010

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict

It’s been a great fear of mine because I know it’s true.

We can’t change others, the most profound and powerful change is the ability to change ourselves.

It’s the key to our own happiness.

But I can’t find any good resources to start about this mind-altering change!

The previous book by this group ( Leadership and Self-Deception ) was amazing but this book blows even that away.

A fable format book ( so you can’t skim it even if you wanted to ) this resource is has given me specific methods to change my own thoughts, actions and feelings.

I have read so many management books about “dealing” with others.

So many problems can be solved if I “deal” with myself first – and finally I can.

This book has applications for work yes but please know it is a powerful tool for personal/family life. The core part of the story deals with parenting troubled children and working in a toxic workplace.

Thank you to LinkedIn Answers and a fellow fundraiser for the book referral!

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