Convince them in 90 Seconds – Nicholas Boothman

Originally read Jan 2011

Short version:
Fast read that is full of information you’ll use every day.

Long version: Tell me WHY the best do this.

Tell me the ONE SECRET to being the best.

My current two questions when reading business networking books.

I read every single one I can get my hands on and most are pandering drivel. Had to put three books down in the last month!

This book however is consistently filled with the answer to these two questions.

Some of the book made me mad because it propagates the type of networking I detest. It can seem a little slimy. There’s one whole chapter on “schmoozing”. But it was worth the read 100%.

Best benefits of this book:

– The mechanics of creating a powerful first impression
– Awesome tips/system for you to use these tips easily
– Tested techniques to create trust without speaking
– What body language works/offends which personality type
– Working with the human brain to show you are not a threat
– How to get your head in the game before networking events
– How to talk/network with “visual”, “auditory” and “sensory” people
– How to make your ten second intro really hook someone (I LOVED this)
– How to get clients talking/connecting with you ( I really NEEDED this )
– Some really useful presentation tips to connect with an audience

Boothman makes a promise on the cover “Make Instant Connections That Pay Off in Business and in Life”.

Promise made. Promise kept.

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