Lead Without Title – Robin Sharma

I have been waiting for this book literally for five years.

Sharma has some great hits in his title list but I think this could be his legacy if he shares this concept far and wide. He has been championing the concept “Lead Without Title” for years now.

It is a life changing concept. When you live it, you feel like someone has let you out of a prison that you created for yourself, others created for you and the world puts everyone in when they’re born. You are now “allowed” to be your best self at home and work.

This book is in fable format, I’m a fan, it works for Sharma ( not exactly Patrick Lencioni but he’s the master of the fable ) and gets the message across.

Watch the video:

Read the book.

IF you do, I will BUY YOU LUNCH just for the opportunity to discuss it with you. I love love love what this book is going to do for my network.

Final thought if you got this far….

Ummmmm why are all these brilliant writers/speakers branding bald?!

Robin Sharma. Seth Godin. Mike Lipkin

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