Winning Body Language – Mark Bowden

Arrogant business people please disregard this review.

I have talked to about 25 people while reading this book and many say the same thing….”I knew that”, “nothing new”, “I do that already”.

Here’s the thing. Even if they are right what they don’t know is exactly WHY they do it ( they do it because some coach told them to ), what the result is and how to mix and match many different techniques to get the results they want.

The power of this book is the WHY.

– Why certain hand gestures give or take power ( or make us look crazy )
– Why certain facial expressions can help build or take away trust
– Why what we’re saying has less to do with closing business than what we’re doing!

Quick but valuable read, well organized book.

Helped me to take what I needed but still understand the context of how to use it. If you read my last review on NLP books you’ll see that I was disappointed at the lack of secrets to mind control. This book HAS the secrets of mind control so hey…..that’s pretty cool too.

Going to take a while to integrate into my daily communications and speaking style but certainly worth the time invested. Thank you Mark!

This video is a nice clip of his, I highly value his work. Even if The Toronto Star recently highlighted how he helped our Prime Minister as a consultant to win the last election. No doubt his methods work!!

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