The Power of Pull – John Hagel, John Seely Brown , Lang Davison

This book goes far beyond the title…
“Pull” is a trendy word right now.

Focus on the tagline: “How SMALL Moves, Smartly Made,
Can Set BIG Things In Motion”.

This book really rocked me because it gave voice to so many frustrations I share with others – but confuse me and I can’t put them into words.

Why do I hate an office environment that treats me so well?
Why do I resent a business model designed for my comfort?
I believe the “system” is broken, but WHAT exactly is broken?

Powerful ideas on how to harness the power of 2011 and beyond tech:
– You can’t staff up, so use your customers as employees using web 2.0

It also really helped me to get over mental hurdles to understand the following super hot items better:
– Why is web 2.0 better?
– Why is twitter so powerful for business besides broadcasting?
– Why should I expand my network beyond my comfort zone?
– How do I expand my network within my comfort zone?

Most importantly it finished off with a powerful model for change.

– Are you a change agent who feels powerless because you’re alone?
– Are you middle management and feel you have no power?
– Are you TOO big and are trapped by success?

You will be taught:

– When to create a change movement
– How to build the platform
– How to invite others to participate
– What results look like

There were times when so much was coming out of this book, so many ideas, realizations and applications that I was rocking back and forth in my chair because my brain was buzzing.

It certainly made the other people at Starbucks nervous.

The book ends with a few statements, but one I like…

“This will be a long march. But it is an essential part of our journey”.

I like this because change type people, techies always say
“OH MAN! This web dohicky is going to instantly change the WORLD!!”
and I wake up the next day and it seems all the same

Progress is understood
Goals are set and benchmarks are agreed upon
It shows you when you know change has been made.

Just LOVED it

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