Get it all out of your system

Big change in my career right now
An identity shift

Yesterday I was a medium sized fish in a small pond
Today I’m like a booger floating in the ocean

But it goes deeper that that
– ironically I’ve been speaking about this shift publicly for years

When a non-profit professional moves over to for-profit they call it “turning to the dark side”. I remember when a great peer of mine moved. It was tragic to watch them being treated differently

I always found this attitude incredibly ignorant.
So I shared this opinion and warned peers the risk they were taking — that annoying and maybe insulting a valuable network contact whose influence has just tripled
may be the wrong move.

So I just made that move.
As you can see at my “coming out party” last night
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to poke fun…

But both I and you, dear network,
have a few months.

Come fall 2011.
I’ll stop making the jokes.
When you say it, I won’t be mean or embarrass you.
I’ll probably smile, but come nightfall,
There will be one less trusted peer in my network

This is not a threat

I am always working to test the best in my network
to offer my opportunity and resources to propel you further, faster
But as always, I demand an attitude of abundance, kindness and humility
(and you should demand it from me, always)

We’ve got a battle to fight, some heavy lifting to do.
And as a wise-guy said, “do or do not“….

May the force….be with us both!

2 Replies to “Get it all out of your system”

  1. I, for one, will not be joking (at least about this) with you!

    This is a fantastic move. This is a sign of brilliance and exceptional entrepreneurial thinking on the part of those who made the decision to "bring you over." Let's end this idea of a "dark side" and the fear of a competition that does not exist in the minds of at least one contributing business category in this work to enable philanthropy in our country!

    The brilliance here is that your new institution is seeking to understand before asking to be understood by inviting a person who can help them look deeply and intimately at the world of charitable giving from the charity/non-profit perspective before offering service to their clients who also hold philanthropy as a personal value.

    Congratulations to you, congratulations to your new employer and please continue to build bridges and share how we can work better together to enable those who want to help!

  2. Career advances garner unpredictable reactions. Those you think will be happy for you may remain silent or shun you. What an opportunity to identify true well-wishers and those with a growth mindset.

    The last time I let this bother me was in 1997 when I got three direct reports — my first staff. Some colleagues I'd known for years didn't congratulate me even though they were in different departments and lost nothing. Yet near strangers offered congratulations. This pattern has repeated.

    Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg said it well: "Just because you're moving forward doesn't mean I'm moving backward".

    All the best with your move, Paul.

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