Funny business is still business

I’m getting tired of being tackled every damn time
I take a picture for Twitter or a blog post

So I’ve gotten in the habit of asking
1. Can I take a picture to promote you
2. Do you have a Twitter handle?

The answer is usually:

1. Wow thank you!
2. Haa haha Social Media is stupid, what is Twitter?

So I work in a new area now and I was out and about today for lunch

Working with events over the years
I am a sucker for sharp, beautifully arranged flowers
Today I saw a whole shop of near perfection
and had to just stop and stare, and Tweet!

I walked in and asked my questions and had to stop at #1

“No no you can’t take any pictures,
we’ve had some funny business”

What about those flowers. Nope.
These ones? No.

But I want to send a note to event planners
brides and fundraisers in my business network.
We have a website, send them there.

Wow. How very web 1.0

Looking at the Pistil website, I get it. They have signature stuff.
But like Seth Godin says, if your art is a secret
and you must patent/defend it
You don’t make art, you make widgets

The art is you and your work and your relationship with your customer

So *phew* good news Pistil!
I’m nobody, I’m not a customer
Tell me to shut up and get out,
you lost nothing
I won’t be up to any funny business

But the last thing you’ll get from me
….is my business

Son of a B!?&# they have a cool blog though!

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