A note to twitter followers

Greetings and welcome new Twitter follower!

I wanted to go beyond just the standard
“thank you for following me” line.

But I am grateful for the follow and your time.

My Personal Mission statement: Promote purposeful passionate people to help them reach professional and personal potential while enjoying life to the fullest.

I am here to help you. To add value.

Besides Twitter, you might consider
connecting with me on LinkedIn
but only if we can do business
that will benefit you.

My trademark seeker statement:
“If hindsight is 20/20,
I want to view life
using the clear vision
of others learned wisdom”

That’s where you come in.
Please share, teach and guide.
I am listening.

My only requirement for Tweeps
is that we use our time to help
others whenever possible.

Thanks again!

Paul Nazareth

Oh…and one more thing…

One Reply to “A note to twitter followers”

  1. I also dislike the standard "Thanks for following messages" though not quite as much as the standard "Will you please join my network" on LinkedIn.

    @PamelaGrow used a great technique – she reached out to thank me for my follow on Twitter and in the message, suggested a few other people I might like to follow based on what she read in my profile.
    Pure high-class move on her part!

    It all goes back to your message on this blog that social media and networking can be powerful, but in order to harness the power, each person reaching out has to make the connection meaningful for the other person.


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