Say This Not That

Just in time for the Holidays when foots the world over, are placed in mouths

Funny enough, Gandhi & Mother Teresa were known for their sometimes scathing tirades instead of the peaches and cream platitudes we so often hear… not because they were bad people but their passion often lead them to demand more of others and it didn’t always come off well…

I’m neither of them but I’ve had plenty of challengesLink communicating my intentions in my working life and beyond..

Swearing at work always confused me.
Don’t get me wrong I love to swear like a sailor on my own time. Great fun. But at work I personally feel we should be able to express ourselves intentionally with professionalism. But it’s hard some times, and I haven’t spent a lot of time managing people. I know it’s a challenge.

The darkest conversation I ever had at work was in 2011, a critical error and miscommunication led me to a blood boiling raised voice confrontation. I hated to be in that position and if not for some basic training I would have just quit my job that day..

Enter this tiny book. Not even 100 pages to read.

I took so many notes I think I may have transcribed the whole book! I WISH I had this book before that day.

This book not only gives you the words but the context for work, home, coaching, conflict

Learn to build trust, motivate and simply get your point across ( or listen to get someone else’s point ) with everyday conversation

A must read for managers and client/donor service professionals

This book is so solid in its’ simplicity you’ll realize you’re doing 80% but just not that last 20% – that’s the magic, the words in this book aren’t a stretch at all!

If you want to do more, get more in 2012 – here’s a quick read to do just that.

Best wishes for a great holiday season! Keep those feet on the ground…

Some ninja tips.. Paul

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