CAGP 2012 Conference Twitter team!

Just a few more sleeps until the national CAGP conference!

A quick note for any twitter users attending, we have an official twitter-team to help guide and engage during our time together! We are:

Myself, Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU
Leah Eustace @LeahEustace
Christina Attard @GPTekkie
Kate Lazier @CharityLawCan
Trina Owens @towens0315
Samantha Laprade @gryphonreport
Amanda Stacey @EstatesLaw

Don’t forget to write your handle on your nametage when you get it!!!

The conference account is @CAGP2012
Most importantly the Hashtag is #CAGP2012

Now, I’m not going to lie and pretend this was my idea. No our resident social media expert Leah Eustace lead a huge team this past year with our peers at AFP, here is her valuable post

The chance to engage, network, meet up, help each other using twitter is amazing, a new benefit I’ve just started using this past year. Why not join us and create a twitter account today and tweet with us at #CAGP2012 !

Hope this is a helpful video to get you started!! See you in Victoria!


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