Presentation Secrets

Seth Godin often says:
If your goal is to share your message and help others
It’s selfish to not tell your secrets
Telling your secrets makes you up your game
Until your product is just you.
And no-one can do you better than you.
I often get compliments on my presentation style – but the number ONE question I get is “where did you get that awesome powerpoint clicker?”.
Technically, Al Gore (see tip 5).
But it was more my annoyance of going to so many conferences and speaking sessions where we had paid the plenary speaker thousands of dollars and they couldn’t spend a couple bucks on a clicker. It’s distracting for me when you walk across the stage and hit a button on your laptop – it’s embarrassing for you if you’re the speaker.
Now the Logitech R800 is the next-generation of what I use but it’s the Cadillac!
Green laser for better clarity, easy to use buttons with and ergonomic design and that count-down timer is a MUST to respect the time of those you’re speaking to
Here’s the promo video:
But! The tools are just tools. The medium is the message right?
And so more secrets revealed, my favourite book on the architecture:
The design is the elegant Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen
And a great book “Speak Easy” which was a fast read but the tips have stuck with me for years…
So! Now that you have my secrets – get presenting!
As always, if I can help, I’m at your service,



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