New Year’s Eve networking in August?

newyar The calendar tells us the New Year is January 1. But the business year really starts in September.
So! August 29th join me at the office…The Office Pub that is. 7:30pm is when we kick off and there are three themes:
IMG1051. Celebrating innovative wisdom: Ken Wyman is no stranger to the fundraising and philanthropy community. Many people know the fabulous Humber Fundraising program he has lead for years and years. Well Ken is taking a break this year, let’s raise a glass and celebrate a wise leader creating some mental space to let the program he leads grow without him, and to refocus his own intellectual legacy to our profession.
2. Celebrating innovative courage: Another man I greatly admire, often brockembodies my feelings towards the younger generation of fundraisers coming up in the profession. Brock Warner, like so many of his contemporaries, pushes, teaches, supports and gives back through his work with the awesome team at Stephen Thomas. Brock has made a career move and it’s something I and many others would like to celebrate ( but also to celebrate the career courage of others like Emma Jenkin, Laurie Fox and more! )
smctoronto3. If it’s the new year… why not start by brushing up on new skills! Social Media is the hot new business skill only the bold are adopting early. The bold like 2011 Golden Crab winner Clare McDowall, a teacher of mine who has told me before about the great folks at “Social Media Cafe”. So! To make this all convenient and super-high value networking, I have merged these two events! Come to “The Office” for 6pm and join the SMCafe crew and then come downstairs and join us for a drink or dinner at the Pub right after. You’ll meet new contacts, and keep building relationships with those you know. Time well spent. No RSVP as usual for Nazevents but if you’re coming for #SMCafeTO, please follow this link. Want big results for your #bizNewYear ? ( hashtag for the event ) . If you can’t make it then : 1) Consider grabbing this book to help you
2) Keep in touch with me and use my offer to help with your goals and career digitalmedia3) Don’t just sit there. Do something (strategic)!

As always, I’m at your service,
Here’s a great way to start something new…..from our buddies TED and Matt

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  1. Thanks for the TED talk – the 30 day challenge roughly matches up to a month, therefore, it gives you 12 times a year to make changes in your life. (as long as your not travelling very much) M. McQuillan

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