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Help-YourselfI often get asked “What does your twitter handle mean?” Three years ago I wrote a long version, here’s the short answer. After trying to pull people I care about, in my life and at work, to success and having to fight them, convince them of my sincerity I got tired. ServantLeaderIt didn’t work. So I gave myself permission to do two things: 1. Be a servant. In Daniel Pink’s new book “To Sell Is Human” he shares the business power of leadership from the trenches alongside the troops, not out front or in the ivory tower. Something the great Tom Peters teaches in 3 minutes here. 2. Shut up and listen. By using better questions, another thing Dan mentions in his book. Using a wonderful strategy called “Solutions Focus” – I get to show up and just be present to listen, respond and empower solutions to meet the needs of my peers, donors and now clients. I do this at work, and over 150 mornings a year. I can’t invite you to success, it’s a party that YOU must invite YOU to. And when you are ready. I’ll be there. My whole life philosophy summed up in this brilliant TED talk by Ernesto Sirolli – it’s worth watching. ( If you have ADD, skip to 5mins ) Purple   Paul

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  1. Loved Ernesto Sirolli! Thanks for introducing Paul. So much can be accomplished when we show up and listen!
    Carmen Clayton

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