Please help a future fundraising leader

It’s not often that I quote rappers. But Mr. Worldwide has quite the opening line in his song “Feel this moment” ( video below ) “Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice” Indeed Pitbull, indeed. pdawgSo many of you know I’m co-hosting an event on May 27 called “Director School” to help my network and other future leaders in fundraising reach their potential. I’m directing this post at 500 leaders in my network, who have held or currently hold a position at the Director level or above. Could you answer just 3 questions and give advice to those who attend this event? Click here to take the survey I won’t share your name, so please be critical. You’ve got beefs with this generation, tell them what problems they need to overcome to reach their goals. Believe me they’ll appreciate it. advice I have personally achieved every job I ever wanted, every professional goal I have ever made because of this network. I am eternally grateful and work hard to host events like this out of gratitude and to be the change I want to see in this profession and world. As always, thank you dear network for sharing news of this event with people you’re mentoring and for all your support. Please always consider me a resource in all you do! pn2011With great gratitude and humility,   Paul

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