I don’t have a new job! Sort of…

Everyone has that buddy who is a super-fan and sometimes goes overboard.superlinkedin That’s LinkedIn for me. 1,300 “Endorsements” – Thanks buddy, I don’t know what that means but I’m grateful for the support. A couple days back LinkedIn told my entire 1,900+ person network “Congratulate Paul on his new job!” But, I don’t have a new job. Kind of…. A few months back, with the support of my current team, already one of the coolest jobs in philanthropy in Canada… I achieved step one of a career dream, a life dream of mine. I became an instructor for with my professional association, the Canadian Association of Gift Planners. Most people who know me, know that I love my profession, I love what I do so much when anyone else wants to do it too I’m there to help, always. I’ve given over 500 presentations through jobs and on my own time about legacy philanthropy, planned giving, bequestification whatever you want to call it. Banff2001This is me in 2001, a year after I started in the sector. Standing on a mountain in Banff. I was actually thinking “man I am so out of shape, I may die here” I was also thinking “after a lot of floating, this is what I’m meant to do, I feel it in my gut, in my soul” and just then our leader Brian Shea snapped this shot. This is me, almost exactly 10 years later in 2011. At the summit of that same mountain taking the Advanced Course in Gift Planning. I have worked on over 100 million dollars in philanthropic plans, have helped launch dozens of powerful careers in my community and am still madly in love with what I do. And although I started teaching the Planned Giving Course at the Georgian College Online Fundraising Program in 2010, teaching with the Gift Planning Association is a dream I dreamed all those years ago on that mountain. One more thing we both know I couldn’t have achieved without YOU dear network. Every mentor, every coworker, every boss, peer, fellow volunteer has got me to this place. I’m humbled and grateful but also this is why I fight so hard for the happiness and professional success of others. Because you’ve helped make my dreams come true. Like Jiro dreams of sushi ( below ) I dream of Gift Planning. Thank you for dreaming with me! Paul

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  1. When I saw the new job notification, I was puzzled. I peeked at your profile and saw that your job hadn't really changed. However, you have over the years.

    Congratulations on your career progression, Paul!

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