Being Mentally Strong in 2014 – Amy Morin and Forbes Magazine

Wouldn’t we ALL like to be mentally stronger in 2014?!lifehack Cheryl Conner of Forbes spoke with Amy Morin about her tips from – the article on tips for “Mental Strength” went crazy viral. Read the Forbes article here. As we start the New Year, maybe take a moment to consider these 5 simple tips Amy shared with Forbes in a follow up discussion. I loved them because there were some tips in there I think will really help me in 2014 so I asked my spouse ( a newly minted photoshop wizard ) to make a poster to say thanks to Amy! Here it is below, if you want a larger version, tweet me at @UinvitedU and I’ll email it to you. AmyMorinForbes The article sparked more great discussion, like here in Fast Company. Thanks for some helpful wisdom Amy and Forbes, as always, you rule. Lastly, Forbes sat down with Amy for a quick 5 minute chat about what IS ‘mental strength’ in our busy digital age (below). blog Best of luck in 2014 my friends – thanks for reading! Paul

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