Why Interstellar is worth seeing

I’ve got some issues, some problems vexing me. And I’ve been stuck. I also happen to be a GenX’er and we communicate through movies.. interstellar Tonight against the advice of the critics and some very smart people I went to watch the movie Interstellar. It’s been called this generation’s 2001 A Space Odyssey and I can certainly see the parallel. Not because either movie was scientifically correct – no – because they helped us dream. The critics and scientists like the people who hold us back in our lives are people of today. They do their dreaming while they are asleep. But there are so many in my network, who dream while they are awake. They are the artists of the possible. The people Seth Godin writes about when he busts the myth that we shouldn’t fly too close to the sun. The people of the present are the ones who told us flight wasn’t possible, diseases couldn’t be cured, genomes couldn’t be mapped. Their DNA is coded with the words like “can’t, won’t, No”. You the people of the future ( this is certainly not limited to the young by the way ) are coded with words like “maybe, what if, why not”. So, my problems won’t be solved overnight, the hardest problems aren’t. But let me call out some people who I hope to encourage forward, who I hope I can be of service to before I leave this world.

On this networking adventure I have met many travellers who dream while they are awake…I don’t pretend to be smart enough or courageous enough to be one of you – but I’ll damn well be the shoulders you stand on to reach the stars. Despite critics, scientists and naysayer, I believe you will make it there. Like Canadian Commander Chris Hadfield through science reached the stars, he touched our hearts with images and music. You are thinking collaboratively, you are the citizens of tomorrow. And you inspire the hell out of me.  It was a midnight show, and it’s late. I’m off to sleep, to dream. A quick note to say, thanks for all you do for me dear network. Vexed, but hopeful.walkon Paul

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