Thank you dear network

I’m not one for resolutions. Each year around the new year I make some time to reflect, a personal strategy retreat. Usually alone and I check in on how I’m feeling about work, life, love and if I am where I want to be. What profoundly overwhelmed me this year more than most was what you, dear network, did for me. You reached out, you pitched in, you pushed your way in sometimes when I was feeling negative and needed help. My goodness you are a powerful bunch of world-changers and I am deeply grateful, for each and every one of you. This is the time of year I sit down, read through all my contacts (it takes a couple of hours), reflect on how they’ve helped me and name my personal networking MVP’s but in a digital age it’s hard to personally write to 3000 LinkedIn connections and 5500 Twitter followers but I want to say, just once as we start this year … thanks They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ well it certainly takes a network to build a life, achieve personal success and to have the impact one wants to have on the world. I kind of don’t exist without you. Thank you for everyone who collaborated on projects and events, who kept me informed about ideas and activity I should be involved in. Who advocated for me around speaking engagements and writing opportunities and especially those who pushed me to evolve to what has been the most powerful job change of my life ( did you know that I changed jobs? ). As usual, let me remind you. That I am here for you, that I am in your corner and am your advocate and servant in all things dear network. Thank you to those who let me in, let me help. That too is a gift. So if you have an idea you need to say out loud, or physically mastermind with people in a room, if you have a networking idea or presentation to give, some personal board members to turn over or yes a body to move ( I have access to Zipcar vans eh )…. I’M AT YOUR SERVICE People call me stuff like “networking king” or “social media guru” these things make me ill, not in a humblebrag way – I’m outright not these things. I’m a connector to the real experts, a collaborator and amplifier of your awesomeness and as much as it looks like I’m leading on some things, my utmost desire is to serve in all things. So how can I help you in 2015? Be in touch, seriously, reach out. By email, via LinkedIn or yes, Twitter. Do it today. After all, I have almost everything I desire in this world and YOU are the reason I have it. I’d love to do the same for you. walkon Have a great 2015, see you soon dear network. Paul

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