The Art of…Gratitude


When I first saw “The Art of
they had brought uber-guru Seth Godin to my city.

I was impressed and considered it a one-off opportunity

Imagine my surprise when they pump out a who bunch of awesome conferences with some of my favourite authors.

So when I saw that the team was bringing TWO of my top authors to town I set my sights on somehow getting there.

My deepest thanks to Karim Kanji of XConnect and Third Ocean – I won his Twitter contest and got to attend! I can’t say enough about the power of twitter, don’t ever tell me it’s a tween’s toy, this was a big business benefit to me.

Not only did I get to attend and listen to some great speakers but by an odd twist of fate I got to walk and talk with Marcus Buckingham on the way into the Convention Centre and he honoured me by calling me out in his keynote about the power of a personal story. A lifetime business-book-lover high for yours truly.


And most of all, I set up and got to interview my 2012 super-author Susan Cain for an upcoming article (stay tuned).

But where, you ask are my comments about the conference? Well, why read just my thoughts? Here are pictures and tweets from over 100 attendees via the wonderful storify – enjoy!

My deepest thanks to “The Art of” crew, you truly are THE premier speaker destination, and to Karim Kanji for choosing me to attend this powerful Leadership experience.

So! September 2012, look out Ottawa! The Art of Leadership is coming to town headlined by Patrick Lencioni! Another of my top five business book authors of all time. He will rock your world.

Don’t miss it.



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