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As a self-professed “social-business professional” I shouldn’t be surprised, it began with a tweet.

From a top contact of mine, Lisa Taylor. Who is also a recognized leader in business around an emerging trend in personal career evolution; the legacy career ( but that’s another post).

unmarketing_book“Paul I know you love Scott Stratten, did you know he’s speaking near your office next week?” – I went nuts. Scott is quickly becoming the professor of social business, his first awesomebook “Unmarketing” was a best seller and I’ve personally recommended it to 1000 people. He just published his second book and a Toronto talk was nowhere on his speaking schedule.

But this was a private talk. To a group I wasn’t aware of, even as a weekly Toronto Star reader. I read articles and knew they have great resources for small business but here is a club to help what Statistics Canada tells us is actually 98% of all employer business in Canada: Small Business!

starbizclubEnter, the Star Business Club

They had Scott in for a talk on social business for their inaugural event this week. What a home run. I heard about the value of this group from the business owners who attended. The case studies in the paper each week, video education, the well resourced private site and I must say as a networking enthusiast myself I could see the result of a club that is curated for quality of membeScottOct2012r vs. an open group for anyone trying to get rick quick.

My favourite part of Scott’s talk was the power of the third circle of engagement: the revenue of social reach.

I also left finally understanding more about how Scott has connected with his tribe worldwide through a VERY unorthodox version of engagement Vs. promotion. It sounds simple but it’s a paradigm shift in how business professionals communicate ( ask me next time you see me ).

In the mean time, BizClub tscottpauleam, you rocked this event:
Thank you for being awesome.
You can join the club here, get LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter – but get on board dear network. This isn’t just a club, it’s a group of peers who care about each other’s success.

I leave you with my favourite resource for small biz, see you at the next event!


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  1. Thanks for the info Paul. By chance I heard of the Star Business Club earlier today but wasn't sure of the name. I was about to search online and found your post first.

    I've registered. The website is a tad confusing, and cluttered. There's no place for members to add a Twitter handle (corporate or personal). There's no favicon yet. We can't even add our photos.

    Maybe enhancements are on the way.

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