Podcast : The Future of Social Business

Thanks to all my peers who encouraged me to use this medium to serve my network – I hope this podcast is of value to you! It’s a little shaky, but I’ll improve.. I promise!
Click here, it’s just over 10 minutes…
Here are the resources I mention:

Please comment, let me know how I can improve!



2 Replies to “Podcast : The Future of Social Business”

  1. hi Paul!

    Nice podcast.
    I like that you did a shout-out to your social media teachers. And I've loved Mark Schaefer for years, so happy to hear him on his new podcast!

    I'm curious about this new "medium" platform too. Hmmmm. Just when I think I'm done writing my social media book, new things come along! As usual! 🙂

    Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow, and happy belated birthday!


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