Paulcast: 2013 Twitter Tips

Podcast, Click Here to listen or download TwitterBirds2013This post comes from a request made from several peers who often hear me say “I spend very little time on twitter” but tell me it looks like I’m online all the time. Is your goal to get on twitter and use it for business development, career advancement or awareness for your cause in 2013? Here’s my top five tips in less than 5 minutes! As I mentioned in the post, you have to decide: What kind of twitter bird are YOU? Also mentioned are three resources I really value :

  1. 1) A twitter for business guide from Twitter
  2. 2) Twitter for business from HubSpot
  3. 3) Lauren Dugan’s great posts on “All Twitter”

Of course, follow me on twitter to learn more! Keep in touch, I’m always at your service, thanks for reading… Paul     PurpleHeadshot

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